Broadcasting Schedule

Message of Grace and Truth is broadcast around the world on the following radio stations. Contact us and let us know where you are listening!

Station Reach Length Days Time Frequency Website
Trans-World Radio (TWR) Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia 15 min Sunday & Monday 00:00 local 1467 kHz Schedule
IBRA Media Egypt, Sudan, Libya 30 min Tuesday 19:00 UTC 12070 kHz
Feba Radio Middle East 15 min Friday & Saturday 8:15 UTC 15220 kHz
~ 19 mb
Radio Akhbar Mufriha North Africa & Middle East 30 min Monday, Wednesday & Friday 21:15 UTC 7300 kHz
~ 41 mb

Shortwave broadcasting schedules vary from summer to winter.  This schedule is currently accurate through March 2015.