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How To Know God

We can know certain facts about God – such as His wisdom and power – from what creation reveals.  But the only way to have a correct view of Him is to accept what He said about Himself.  We can never come to a true knowledge of God unless He reveals Himself to us through the infallible communication of the Bible which is His Word.

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What is the Truth?

Many of my religious friends are convinced that God could not possibly have permitted wicked people to kill Jesus Christ.  Instead, they say, “Someone else was put on the cross and God made people think it was Jesus.”

But when I ask, “Who was it?” they have different answers.  Some say it was Judas Iscariot.  Others think it was a volunteer who was promised Paradise if he would take Jesus’ place on the cross.  Still others say it was a passerby.

I have heard 12 different views in all.  Many of my religious and moral friends believe their view to be true, but I cannot agree with their theories about the cross.  And here are my reasons.

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